Social Cycle

Brief intro on the social cycle flowing across human meta-history.
Slide show – download:

A comic book, and good brief intro into the social cycle of human history – very insightful – worth a read. Download:


One thought on “Social Cycle

  1. Sarkar’s Social Cycle: A Spiral Dynamics – Integral Perspective

    Angela Masters

    (circa 2004-2007)


    P. R. Sarkar’s macro-historical Social Cycle is a framework for examining the deep structure of social evolution. It is described along with Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory that has been enhanced by Spiral Dynamics to examine the characteristics of the classes of the Social Cycle. While the deep structure will not change, the waves of the classes can be described and examples are given of their developmental potential. The Social Cycle is not fully AQAL as the classes are only dealt with in the collective, while the sadvipra is primarily dealt with as an individual. A sadvipra is described as a second tier leader, whose challenge is to encourage expression of the classes’ healthy memes, whilst attempting to mitigate the mean memes so that the Social Cycle can progress through positive epochs.



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